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Digital Speakers

See the speakers scheduled for our digital Expo on September 27 & 28 below, and don't miss our great line-up of in-person speakers on September 24 in Denver!

Modular Construction for Affordable Housing, Case Studies from Canada

Rhys Kane, Sales Director, NRB Modular Solutions
Brock Elliott, Project Director, NRB Modular Solutions

Affordable housing is an endemic issue in many areas of North America. Canadian governments have introduced a series of modular housing initiatives targeting the housing crisis, this presentation will showcase these initiatives as well as to identify what the United States can learn from these programs. Join Brock Elliott and Rhys Kane, from NRB Modular Solutions, to demonstrate modular affordable housing case studies from British Columbia and Ontario. NRB have completed more than 2000 units of modular affordable housing in recent years, join us for a session on the strategies needed to effectively implement modular construction for this key sector.

How to Fail with Modular Construction (or Win With It)

Antony Kountouris, CEO, BMarko Structures

Going modular is a great way to get miles ahead of traditional construction, but not always. All successful modular projects have one thing in common; a team approach. Join Antony Kountouris, CEO of BMarko Structures, in this journey discussing sure ways of failing a modular project while covering the winning tactics that will guarantee a massively successful modular construction project.

Building up a Solid Foundation in an Offsite Construction Facility

Jaime Millan, Technical Project Specialist, Soukup America

Starting or expanding an offsite facility can be a daunting process. Whether newly transitioning from traditional construction or expanding an existing prefabrication line, offsite manufacturers are often left to their own devices investigating the most effective equipment, production methods, workflow, and skills for their production. Meeting the budget and timeline is also imperative. In this presentation, Jaime will utilize two projects, a panelized start-up, and a modular operation expansion, to illustrate the streamlined journeys to launch a new factory and upgrade an existing facility. Building up a solid foundation is never too late and is crucial to any degree of automation.

MORE+: Supply Chain and Product Updates

Kent Anderson, Director Sales for Off-Site Construction, WESCO|Anixter
Stephen Embree, Regional Sales Director, Geberit
Chip Brown, National Account Manager, Legrand North America

With 100 years of supply chain experience and more than five decades of service to the modular and offsite building industries, WESCO|Anixter brings MORE to your production facility, plant operation, and project site. Join us for information on how global supply chains look and operate today, as well as what steps are being taken to help insure consistent supply of materials in these uncertain times. Representatives from Legrand North America and Geberit will join us to discuss emerging concepts and products that can help alleviate potential concerns for modular and other offsite construction processes as well as offer enhanced safety and convenience for building occupants.

The BROAD Holon Building: Reshaping the World of Modular Construction

Tony Sun, PE, Structural Engineer, BROAD U.S.A.

The BROAD Holon Building is low-cost and is delivered in containerized modules with integrated MEP, wiring and piping, and interior fixtures. All that is required onsite is bolting and utility hook-ups. The building can be repurposed, and the building height and floor layout can be changed any time after construction is completed. It is built using the BROAD Group’s 100% factory-made all-stainless-steel B-CORE—sandwiched stainless steel structural material that is far lighter yet far stronger than many traditional construction materials. B-CORE also has unprecedented durability as it is over 30 times more resistant to corrosion than carbon steel. In this session, structural engineer Tony Sun from BROAD, will provide an overview of this technology and exciting new concept in modular and offsite construction.

Introduction to Modular Construction: For Architects, Engineers, and Developers

Etai Timna, Director of Major Projects, VESTA Modular

In this session, VESTA reviews the various types of modular construction, the factory construction process, site installation, and everything in-between. Etai Timna will then take you through multiple VESTA projects that have been a success in the past and what that process looked like from start to finish. This presentation was built to better understand the general modular process and how it can be a perfect fit for any situation.

Three Reasons Developers & Builders Should Consider Modular Construction

Christian Lawrence, Founder & CEO, RISE Modular
Mary Tingerthal, Construction Revolution

Modular construction isn’t new. What IS new is the increasing number of modern manufacturing facilities that are producing high-quality modules for multi-story commercial buildings. Why is this happening? Developers choose modular construction for a variety of reasons, but most often it comes down to three major factors. Construction Revolution’s Mary Tingerthal interviews Founder & CEO of RISE Modular, Christian Lawrence, to discuss these major factors in detail as well as the lessons RISE has learned delivering commercial volumetric modular construction to multifamily and hospitality developers.

Updates on Off-Site Construction in Codes and Standards

Ryan Colker, Vice President of Innovation, International Code Council

The International Code Council and Modular Building Institute continue to work together on a suite of standards to help advance the use of modular and offsite construction. This session will provide an update on Standard 1200 on Planning, Design, Fabrication and Assembly and Standard 1205 on Inspection and Regulatory Compliance. A new standard--Standard 1210 on Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Systems, Energy Efficiency, and Water Conservation--will also be addressed.

RediCor Modular Steel Form System

Jim Freiberg, Sales Manager, Vulcraft - RediCor

In this session, join Jim Freiberg as he discusses and demonstrates a revolutionary product called RediCor. RediCor is a factory-built, ready-to-set modular steel form system that simplifies concrete core construction, including fully-reinforced turn-key stair corridors and elevator shafts. The structurally true modules stack like building blocks and are ready for concrete once they’re set, saving time and money, and creating a safer environment before, during, and after the building's construction.

Interview with a Developer: To Stack or Not to Stack

Andy Berube, Vice President, Stack Modular Structures
Amin Irving, President & CEO, Ginosko Development Company

Modular construction is not a perfect solution to every project, but when there is a match, the benefits can be significant--especially for developers. Join modular manufacturer Andy Berube, vice president at Stack Modular Structures, in a one-on-one interview with developer Amin Irving, president and CEO of Ginosko Development Company, as they discuss the winning modular project profile, the path to success in the modular pre-construction phase, and the importance of involving all the key players early-on when executing any modular project.

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