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8:00AM - 4:00PM Exhibit Hall Open
8:00AM - 9:00AM Networking with Exhibitors
9:00AM - 9:40AM Charlie Chupp, Fading West
9:40AM - 10:20AM Scott Bridger, Proset
10:20AM - 11:00AM Michael Merle, Guerdon
11:00AM - 1:00PM Networking Lunch
1:00PM - 1:40PM Troy Tiddens, EVstudios / neUdesign Architecture
1:40PM - 2:20PM Michael Heitsman, Best GEN &
Casey Culbertson, Pure Design
2:20PM - 3:00PM Jon Moon, Nashua Builders &
Ryan Smith, Patriacca Construction
3:00PM - 4:00PM Networking with Exhibitors
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Applying the Toyota Production System to Offsite Modular Construction

Charlie Chupp, Founder & CEO, Fading West Building Systems

The entire construction process is traditionally littered with waste—inefficient processes that waste time, money, energy, morale, and talent. This session by Fading West Building Systems will outline eight areas of inefficiency and waste and how your company can use tactics, philosophies, and lessons learned from the Toyota Production System to gain advantages found in modular and offsite construction. Founder and CEO Charlie Chupp will use examples from Fading West’s own modular and offsite construction process to illustrate how TPS works in a real-world practical environment, in addition to illustrating how this innovative form of construction can is helping to address housing shortages worldwide.

From Foundation to Roof in a Week: The Multi-Story Modular Stack

Scott Bridger, Principal, ProSet, Inc.

What goes into the successful erection of a modular hotel or apartment building? Join Scott Bridger, Principal at ProSet, as he helps attendees walk through the process, from the first site visit to the last box set. Much planning and coordination is required to successfully install 10 to 20 modular boxes in a single day. What needs to go right? What can go wrong? The erection process represents a very minor piece of the overall construction schedule, yet it represents a very major piece of the project’s success.

Addressing the "WHY" within Modular Design

Troy Tiddens, Modular Specialist, EVstudios / neUdesign Architecture

While we're aware that the Off-Site Delivery Method benefits from a unique pre-construction process as compared to traditional construction, we'll dive into the driving factors that necessitate an alternate approach and design deliverables. Understanding the "WHY" will help designers embrace the Modular Mindset to help improve their success and engagement within the industry.

Responding to the Housing Crisis: Using Modular to Bring More Housing to Market

Michael Merle, Vice President Business Development, Guerdon LLC

In this session, attendees will experience the efficiencies of modular construction through the success of Guerdon’s innovative affordable housing projects. Michael Merle, a modular construction veteran and Vice President Business Development at Guerdon LLC, will use examples from past and present projects to help developers and others interested in modular construction understand best practices in harnessing modular technology to respond to the current housing crisis as well as bring more housing to market.

Modular Design V.S. "Great" Modular Design

Michael Heitsman, President of Development, Best GEN Modular, Inc.
Casey Culbertson, President, Pure Design

Michael Heitsman, President of Development of Best GEN, and Casey Culbertson, President of Pure Design, are accomplished modular building professionals whose work on offsite, hospitality, and multi-family projects reflects his guiding principle to design environments that enrich communities and set high standards for experiencing architecture. Their expertise in codes and regulations leads to practical and creative strategies that ensure compliance in challenging situations. In this session, Michael and Casey will demonstrate how an assisted living project utilized modular construction to save time and money as well as how establishing the right construction team early on is essential, how solid principles and attention to detail are critical, and how having open minds and thinking outside “the norm” all lead to success.

Transformation of a General Contractor to Modular Believer

Jon Moon, Business Development Executive, Nashua Builders
Ryan Smith, General Manager & Senior Project Manager, Patriacca Construction

Jon Moon and Ryan Smith will provide a case study overview of a multifamily project in the Vail Valley area of Colorado. This presentation will demonstrate the transformation of the plans and the players with their corresponding scopes of work from Phase 1 to Phase 2 of the project. The evolution of the project team is significant and provides lessons learned for consideration by anyone interested in or considering volumetric modular construction.

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Andy Berube, Vice President, Stack Modular Structures &
Amin Irving, President & CEO, Ginosko Development Company