METALOQ offers MODULAR BUILDERS a turnkey business solution that supports expansion with minimal investment.

METALOQ offers Developers, both PUBLIC and PRIVATE, an alternative delivery method built upon accountability and collaboration. Build correctly, predictably, faster.

METALOQ offers STEEL FABRICATORS an opportunity to diversify from 'feast or famine' commodity work to proprietary manufacturing and predictable deal flow.

METALOQ offers ARCHITECTS a balance between creativity and efficiency.

and for SOCIETY AS A WHOLE: a key step to solving the housing crisis; multi residential affordable housing, social housing, senior housing, student housing. And a sustainable building step forward vs conventional construction. 



VectorMinima invents solutions for the modular building industry. We license access to this IP to those who benefit from its novel approach.

‘Technology that enables successful modular buildings’

We have developed a volumetric module building technology that solves the current challenges with modular building and opens a world of possibilities for new building and business applications.

METALOQ is the first invention of VECTORMINIMA. METALOQ is a patent pending, Cold Formed Steel (CFS) module framing system. The pre-engineered “frame kit” components are produced by a steel fabricator and shipped on pallets to modular builders. METALOQ frames are simple to assemble, without the need for specialized trades, achieving the precise tolerances required for stackable 4-10+ storey non-combustible buildings.

METALOQ Value Proposition - General Audience

This is a one page document explaining who VECTOR MINIMA is, the value of the firm and the value of the first invention METALOQ.

METALOQ Brief with IP

“Say what you are going to do, and do what you said”. See the Unveiling of METALOQ in this brief showing the Solidworks model and the product in real life.

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