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Nomodic delivers integrated building solutions, from design and permitting to fabrication and installation. Using offsite, prefabricated building methods from a network of qualified fabricators and suppliers across Canada, Nomodic improves time and cost certainty through an innovative, holistic approach to construction. We have become one of the Canadian leaders for the delivery of accelerated modular projects through a design-build process. 

We have leveraged our model in building affordable and multifamily housing projects, Indigenous housing, resorts, hotels, emergency response shelters, remote work camps, warehouses, commercial buildings, and more. Utilizing our extensive network of pre-qualified fabrication partners across North America, Nomodic’s process offers unrivaled flexibility and ensures projects aren’t limited to a single fabrication location, method, or framing system. Our expert quality control personnel bring an extra and independent level of inspection in comparison to an owner contracting directly with a fabricator. 

Above all, we aim to achieve our core purpose of ‘leaving things better’ in everything we do.

Corporate Overview

Building without boundaries! Learn more about our history and advantages, and how we are creating experiences that change the way people live, work, and explore. Download the PDF.

Affordable Housing Experience

Rapid delivery. Less community disruption. Greater cost and schedule certainty. See the building solutions we have delivered to address the urgent need for affordable housing in Canadian communities. Download the PDF.

Hospitality Experience

Quicker to occupancy, quicker to revenue! See examples of our hospitality solutions that go above and beyond what many believe are the limits of modular construction. Download the PDF.

Retail and Commercial Experience

Whether you need one large-scale build or repetitive builds in many locations, we offer high-quality commercial and retail solutions that reduce downtime while maximizing value. Download the PDF.

Workforce and Industrial Experience

The very first Nomodic build was part of a remote workforce initiative, and we've been innovating and fine-tuning modular remote lodging and industrial projects ever since. Read more about our diverse experience. Download the PDF.

Indigenous Infrastructure Experience

Sustainable, accessible, and affordable living spaces for Indigenous communities. Our turnkey, hassle-free, seamless process allows communities to build custom homes and buildings that are culturally aware, durable, and environmentally sustainable. Download the PDF.

Housing Capabilities

Innovative housing solutions from concept to completion. With experience delivering a wide variety of housing projects across Canada, our dedicated team is ready to help with your next project. Download the PDF.

Healthcare Space Solutions

Whether repurposing existing modules or starting from scratch, our process is perfectly suited for delivering healthcare options that are innovative and cost-effective. Download the PDF.

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