Element5 is a rapidly growing mass timber fabricator and offsite manufacturing company that specializes in using sustainable mass timber products to deliver prefabricated, high performance wood components and buildings. We believe mass timber is the essential building material of the 21st century and that the next big step in sustainable development is off-site construction. Factory-built mass timber solutions made from sustainably sourced wood products are the key to the significant gains in construction efficiency and building performance that we need, not only to improve our built environment but also to reduce its carbon footprint. We offer a fully integrated suite of professional services and products as a single point solution for the design, supply, and construction of mass timber buildings. More than just CLT and Glulam fabricators, we are innovators producing advanced wood systems that will greatly improve the built environment and help accelerate the adoption of sustainable mass timber construction.

Golden Avenue

Golden Avenue is a 3-storey, 9,145 ft2   addition to an historic 2-storey post-and-beam factory that was adapted for commercial office use.

Cross-Laminated Insulated Panels

Summary document explaining the prefabricated Cross - Laminated Insulated Panels building envelope system.

Oakville Fire Station #8

Oakville Fire Station #8 is a sustainably sourced, prefabricated mass timber design that delivers a strong and resilient building with a reduced carbon footprint.

Ontario Wood

By building with Ontario wood products, we can be confident we are not only building sustainably, but also supporting jobs and forest-dependent communities, and contributing to innovation in the value-added wood sector.

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Lee Scott
Client Manager
67 Mowat Ave suite #114 Toronto , ON M6K3E3