Trudeau Government Commits $1 Billion to Modular Housing Across the Country | Toronto Storeys

Canada's government has begun to tackle the issue of housing affordability by investing in modular housing. Offsite construction addresses the affordable housing crisis through its speed, sustainability, and quality.


You've heard of modular homes; Minneapolis just got its first prefabricated apartment building | Star Tribune

RISE Modular builds its first project: a modular multifamily complex in Minneapolis. CEO and Founder of RISE, Christian Lawrence, shares his vision for more offsite projects in the Twin Cities.


Joining a new construction trend, freight containers to be re-purposed for homeless shelter in Buena Park | Orange County Register

CRATE Modular building housing for Orange County homeless with re-purposed shipping containers. Shipping containers are growing in use offsite construction materials. This responsible use of freight containers as building components is a great example of the ingenuity of offsite construction.


Toronto Identifies Initial Site Locations for Modular Housing Projects | Toronto Storeys

Toronto takes next step in providing housing through modular and offsite construction. Initial site locations have been identified by the Toronto council. The City Council is pursuing modular construction to build affordable housing projects in light of the increased vulnerability of the homeless population due to COVID-19.


From the Field: Colorado Gains Historic New Investments in Affordable Housing | National Low Income Housing Coalition

Republican and Democratic state senators and representatives convened rural and urban affordable housing stakeholders in the fall of 2018 to identify policy solutions to Colorado's affordable housing crisis. Three of the group's identified solutions passed in the 2019 legislative session, creating a level of investment in affordable housing the state has never seen before.


Toronto Spending $47M to Build 250 Modular Housing Units for Those Living in Shelters | Toronto Storeys

Toronto City Council utilizes modular construction to provide housing for homeless population. Due to COVID-19, the city's homeless population has been left particularly vulnerable. To provide housing solutions as quickly as possible, the City Council elected to use modular construction to build housing units for those living in the city's shelters.


BAILAO: Coming up with a modular housing solution | Toronto Sun

Op-ed column in the Toronto Sun highlights the need for affordable housing in the city and the unique advantages that offsite construction offers in light of those needs. The need for affordable housing has been aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic.