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9:40AM MT - 10:00AM MT Digital Exhibit Hall is open!
10:00AM MT - 10:40AM MT Presentation and Q&A
10:40AM MT -11:00AM MT Digital Exhibit Hall is open!
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Session: Responding to the Housing Crisis: Using Modular to Bring More Housing to Market
John Beddow | CEO, Guerdon, LLC
Join John Beddow, a longtime industry veteran with over 35 years of experience in offsite construction, as he presents examples from past and present projects from Guerdon’s extensive portfolio. This session is designed to help developers, owners, and others understand the best practices in harnessing modular construction technology to respond to the current housing crisis as well as bring more housing to market.

Session: Structural Strategy 

Shawn Lothrop, PE, SE | CEO, Innovative Structural Engineering

In this presentation, Shawn Lothrop, CEO of Innovative Structural Engineering, will introduce attendees to some of the optimized structural detailing utilized for volumetric modular construction and other offsite construction methods. Innovative Structural Engineering is a full service structural design firm with a focus on providing innovative solutions to today’s building and development challenges—solutions that cut construction costs and are effective and simple to understand. High-level expert engineers that design modular buildings and other forms of offsite construction understand the importance of quality design and effective communication throughout the entire offsite process. Shawn will also share with attendees his company’s best practices on maximizing the benefits of modular and offsite construction during the design and engineering phase. 

Session: Modular Construction for Affordable Housing Projects

Rhys Kane | Strategic Sales Director - Modular Solutions, Horizon North

Affordable housing is an endemic issue in many areas of North America. Modular construction presents a solution to the need for shorter timelines and high-quality units while also providing owners and developers with certainty on their project. Horizon North has completed more than 2000 units of modular affordable housing and multifamily projects over the past couple of years. If you are an owner/developer considering a project, a government looking at affordable housing, or an architect or designer growing your knowledge of modular, join Rhys Kane, Strategic Sales Director, for this informative session on the strategies needed to effectively implement modular construction for this key sector.

Session: Strategies and Developing Challenges for Volumetric Modular Construction

Chris Schmidt | Senior Project Executive, Z Modular

The modular construction industry—and innovators like Z Modular—is becoming more sophisticated and evolving quicker than ever before, both from a design/technical and build/performance perspective. Z Modular has proven its willingness to "open source" its technology, unlock its ecosystem, and bring its standardized steel modular platform to the masses to accelerate the evolution and acceptance of modular construction. This session will focus on both process and technical improvement in volumetric modular construction, from design to structural systems to assembly techniques, and will highlight how improved performance can improve access to growing markets for modular construction.
Session: Embracing the Means & Methods Within Modular Design 
Troy Tiddens | Modular Specialist, neUdesign Architecture
As "means & methods" have traditionally been excluded from architectural design scopes, this session takes a look at the importance of understanding the impact they have on an efficient modular project. An experienced modular design team helps bridge the gap between the traditional design process and the factory environment by embracing the means & methods throughout the design development process. In this session, Troy Tiddens, modular specialist at neUdesign Architecture, will cover a variety of topics and concepts that help design teams understand the unique approach to engaging in constructability reviews and addressing means & methods within a modular project. Troy has been in the modular Industry since 2001 and spent over 17 years within a manufacturing facility playing an integral role in the company’s growth and development.

Session: Modular Design V.S. "Great" Modular Design

Michael Heitsman | Chief Development Officer, Best Gen Modular

Michael Heitsman, Chief Development Officer of Best GEN, is an accomplished architect whose work on modular, hospitality, and multi-family projects reflects his guiding principle to design environments that enrich communities and set high standards for experiencing architecture. His expertise in codes and regulations leads to practical and creative strategies that ensure compliance in challenging situations. In this session, Michael will demonstrate how an assisted living project utilized modular construction to save time and money as well as how establishing the right construction team early on is essential, how solid principles and attention to detail are critical, and how having open minds and thinking outside “the norm” all lead to success.