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Sample Workflow and Equipment

Soukup America

Soukup America offers a complete range of flexible, engineered equipment to the offsite construction industry. Our designs excel in prefab panels and modular building productions. Our heavy-duty machinery delivers the tools and technology for efficient and ergonomic manufacturing workstations, which are foundations for additional automation and robotics systems.

We specialize in individual equipment components and complete turnkey solutions, including Automatic Crosscut Saws, Framing and Butterfly Tables, Nailing and Routing Applications, Panel Manipulation, Vertical Storage Systems, and Wood Window and Door machines.

Our designs and engineering follow the proven European standards customized for the North American market requirements. We work collaboratively to address each client’s unique needs from workflow layout creation that transforms their prefabrication goals into reality. Across the world, many sizes of offsite building manufacturers rely on Soukup’s equipment. Our teams have the experience and skills to support every aspect of production, starting with a factory layout planning.

Flexible Off-Site Equipment Full Overview

For offsite construction, Soukup offers a complete range of flexible, engineered, robust equipment that is the foundation for both manual and automated operations.

Framing Equipment Summary

Soukup specializes in production layout, individual equipment, and complete turnkey solutions, including Automatic Crosscut Saws, Framing and Butterfly Tables, Nailing and Routing Applications, Panel Manipulation, and Vertical Storage Systems.

Sample Facility Designs

From planning a new factory line to improving the current workflow, Soukup collaborates with its clients to engineer a set of equipment to achieve the safety, production, and financial requirements.

Crossline Crosscut Saws

The Automatic Crossline Saws, operating to XML worklist instructions, are powerful to cut lumber for wall panel, roof, and floor panel components. Stud grooving, drilling, routing, and labeling are available.

Framer Modular

Soukup’s latest is this Framer Modular, a component-based framing and assembly table for offsite panel construction. Flat-packed and bolt-assembled, each equipment kit is highly customizable while respecting a budget.

WING Butterfly Tables

The WING is a robust panel tilting table designed for panel and modular manufacturing. The heavy-duty hydraulic mechanism lifts the panels to the opposite table or onto the vertical storage.

Transporter and Finishing Line

The panels lifted onto their vertical position by the WING will enter the desired Finishing Line tracks via the Transporter. Value-added installations and QC can be performed safely and effectively.

Multi-Function Bridge

Available in 2021, the CNC Multi-Function Bridge will be a great addition working alongside the robust foundational equipment to provide a level of automation, including nailing, drilling, and milling.

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