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Kitchens To Go

Flexible Foodservice Facility Solutions

Kitchens To Go® (KTG) provides -- for lease or purchase -- comprehensive mobile, modular, and containerized commercial kitchens for planned renovation or expansion, new construction, special events, or immediate needs such as disaster response and recovery.  Short and long-term solutions are available in a multitude of platforms. 

Food service providers requiring flexible facilities to continue or expand operations trust Kitchens To Go to guide complex projects. Our licensed team of architects and engineers, along with our Account Executives, partner with clients to reduce downtime, project costs, and construction fatigue.  KTG’s innovative Solutions To Go™ mirror existing production facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, functionality and design and are a superior alternative when evaluated against phased construction.  

In addition to cooking capacity, cold and frozen storage, ware washing, dining space, restroom, and office facilities can be provided.  Kitchen and dining facilities from Kitchens To Go will Keep You Cooking!

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KTG Challenge/Solution Flipbook

Kitchens To Go is the leader in interim and permanent solutions for food service providers who require flexible facilities to continue or expand operations. Includes applications, workflow and case studies.

PopMarts by Kitchens To Go

Kitchens To Go is excited to introduce PopMarts, a turnkey food service solution to assist with challenges such as physical distancing, population de-densification, and speed of service. 

Bolt On Flyer

Bolt-On Kitchens® by Kitchens To Go are factory-built, code-compliant commercial kitchens that attach to existing buildings to save time and money on conventional construction or facility expansion projects.

KTG Tri-fold

Kitchens To Go specializes in flexible food service facility solutions.  Learn more about how our mobile, modular and containerized kitchens have supported food service operations for nearly 40 years.

Disaster Planning Brochure

In the event of a natural disaster or a national emergency, Kitchens To Go can quickly provide high-volume, mobile commercial food service facilities to any part of the country. 

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