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Using Modular Construction to Address the Student Housing Crisis

John Buongiorno, Axis Construction
Scott Heckel, MODLOGIQ
Daniel Harrigan, Spillman Farmer Architects

Rising enrollments and increased construction costs at colleges and universities globally have created a shortage of on-campus student housing. Join a panel session of modular building experts including representatives from Axis Construction, MODLOGIQ, and Spillman Farmer Architects as they discuss the value of experience, familiarity, and close collaboration between the owner, architect, and general contractor. This session will include an overview of a 30,000 square foot student housing project recently completed at Molloy College in Rockville Center, New York. The presenters will also engage in a question and answer period with representatives involved on the design, manufacture, and execution of the Molloy College project to help attendees better understand how to set up for project success and maximizing the benefits of modular.

New Markets and Challenges for Structural Modular Construction

Chris Waters, Z Modular

The modular construction industry—and innovators like Z Modular—is becoming more sophisticated and evolving quicker than ever before, both from a design/technical and build/performance perspective. Z Modular has proven its willingness to "open source" its technology, unlock its ecosystem, and bring its standardized steel modular platform to the masses to accelerate the evolution and acceptance of modular construction. This session will focus on both process and technical improvement in volumetric modular construction, from design to structural systems to assembly techniques, and will highlight how improved performance can improve access to growing markets for modular construction.

Bathroom Pods: Better Materials, Less Waste, Faster Construction

Brendan Doherty, Connex Offsite

The construction industry has been building the same way for years and is now under significant pressure to build faster and reduce costs, even as material costs climb and skilled labor becomes harder to find. Innovative technologies like prefabricated bathroom pods provide an opportunity to escalate the pace of change needed to overcome industry challenges. The use of pods allows architects, contractors, developers, and owners to apply manufacturing best-practices to the construction process, ensuring consistent high-quality products in a fraction of the time. Pods also contribute to a cleaner and safer work environment and help reduce material, waste, and labor costs while increasing speed to occupancy. In this session, a pioneer in the bathroom pod industry will discuss how his company is helping hotels, hospitals, schools, apartments, and more to finish projects faster and with higher quality.

Precast Concrete Systems for Offsite Construction Solutions

Gary Reed, Executive Director, Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Mid-Atlantic, Temple, PA
Rita Seraderian, Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Northeast

This presentation will provide an overview of precast concrete systems and products, cover design considerations and capabilities. Two case studies showing how precast was used to solve diverse design and construction challenges for precast housing will be presented. Metropolitan Student Housing; State College, PA and Prospect Plaza Housing, Brooklyn, NY.

Precast construction offers designers a great deal of aesthetic diversity, reduced liability and offers CMs and GCs schedule and budget reliability. Its resilient properties offer durability, multi-hazard protection, energy-efficiency, make it an effective solution for many types of buildings. Precast Concrete is produced in regional plants under PCI national QC/QA certification standards.

AIA’s New Modular and Offsite Construction Best Practice Guide for Architects

Laurie Robert, NRB, Inc.
Salvatore Verrastro, Spillman Farmer Architects
Kendra Halliwell, ICON Architecture, Inc.

Modular and offsite construction today is a highly sought-after alternative solution to conventional construction methods. Through the efforts of the National Institute of Building Science and their Offsite Construction Council, the Modular Building Institute worked with American Institute of Architects on the development of a critical new resource for design professionals, providing insight and strategies to working effectively with this trending technology. This presentation by a team of design and construction professionals from NRB, Inc.; Spillman Farmer Architects; and ICON Architecture, Inc. will review the pros and cons of modular and offsite construction as well as the potential impact on construction costs, safety, quality control, and construction administration. It will also delve into issues relating to how shipping impacts detailing, materials, and timing.



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