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F_OS Project Profiles: Supportive (Homeless) and Market Rate Multifamily Housing

Rick Holliday, CEO, Factory OS

Factory OS is working to address a pressing social and political problem that impacts millions of Bay Area residents: the lack of more affordable housing. While the stagnant construction industry results in a failure to evolve and is at the very root of our nation’s housing crisis, Factory OS is bringing transformative change to the industry. “We build well-designed, tech-ready multifamily homes 40% faster and 20% less expensive than conventional housing. These savings are proven, not projected. We do this by building the bulk of the home off-site, right down to the toilet paper holders. Then we ship it and assemble it on-site,” says CEO Rick Holliday. Join Rick as he shares a unique perspective on a construction process that is delivering supportive housing and market-rate multifamily solutions.

To Stack or Not to Stack

Jim Dunn, President & Matt Hallaran, Operations Manager, Stack Modular Structures

Modular construction is not a perfect solution to every project, but when there is a match, the benefits can be significant. Join executives from Stack Modular Structures as they discuss the winning (steel) modular project profile, the path to success in the modular pre-construction phase, and the importance of GC integration when executing a high rise modular project.

Panelization in a Modular World: A Hybrid Approach

Cindy Olsen, Director, Construction Municipal Onboarding & Brett Jones, Jurisdiction Manager, Katerra

Construction companies traditionally invest less than 1% of revenue in new technologies—lower than every other major industry. As a result, the last several decades have seen U.S. construction productivity fall while costs continue to go up. Katerra is on a mission to change this by optimizing every aspect of building design, materials supply, and construction with a team that combines decades of industry experience alongside leadership from some of the most groundbreaking companies in technology, manufacturing, design, and engineering. Listen as executives from Katerra talk about how they are a technology company at heart, one that is applying tested systems approaches from other industries to design and construction.

Getting the Most from Your Capital Construction Projects with Offsite Construction

Roy Griffith, Director of Corporate Development, Clark Pacific

It seems basic, but to see new results, we must change the process that generates the results. While many realize that off-site construction can help alleviate problems that plague projects, the big question is “How and where do I start?” This presentation by Roy Griffith at Clark Pacific will focus on a precast concrete student housing project in the Bay area, and specifically how the construction team went about the project with an off-site strategy to net values the owner required for the project.

Applicability of the California Prevailing Wage Law to Off-Site Construction

Dennis Cook, Cook Brown LLP

The California Prevailing Wage Law applies more broadly and has stricter requirements than the federal Davis-Bacon Act. In this session, you will learn how the State determines the applicability of the Prevailing Wage Law; when prevailing wages must be paid for on-site installation and off-site manufacturing; and the reach of California law to out-of-state work.

Prevailing wages are often 30% higher than wages paid on private construction projects and 50% more than those paid in factories. Also learn about strict overtime requirements, shift differentials, travel and subsistence obligations, recordkeeping, and apprenticeship rules that apply when an otherwise private modular project is covered under the Prevailing Wage Law.

When Offsite is Overseas

Nick Gomez, Senior Project Manager at Lowney Architecture

Few architecture firms have completed a factory built housing project, and even fewer have experience working with an overseas factory. Working with an innovative developer and client, Lowney Architecture has recently participated in a 24 unit housing experiment utilizing an overseas factory. Hear about working with overseas manufacturers of housing and the lessons learned through the process.

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